The Debate Of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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Embryonic stem cells research is the most debated type of stem cell research. The moral standings of embryonic stem cell research have been debated since the research started. The side against the research claims that it is wrong to value one’s life above another and that the elimination of the most basic form of life is murder. While the side supporting the research claims that the research could bring about the cure for many types of diseases and help save the lives of millions. Embryonic stem cells are controversial because of how they are obtained and used. While the two sides argue over whether it is moral or not, they both agree that adult stem cells have potential without the moral dilemma.
The side against embryonic stem cell research claims that the current method of obtain stem cells is immoral because it requires the destruction of an embryo. People object to the research because it is based around eliminating the most basic form of human life. It says that one’s life would be more valuable than another 's. Most embryos used for research are the extra embryos that are created through in vitro fertilization(IVF). While most embryos made through IVF are used to help couples who can not become pregnant it is common practice to make more embryos than needed, the extra embryos are commonly donated to stem cell research. At the start of the research scientist said that IVF embryos would provide a more than sufficient quantity of stem cells. However private firms

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