The Debate Over The Convicted Criminal

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The lack of answers to the question stems from the thought; what if americans don 't care if the convicted criminal suffers? Addressing this speculation was Oklahoma Republican state representative, Mike Christian, in reference to the recent media exposure of inhumane executions by lethal injection. He said, "I really don 't care if it 's by lethal injection, by the electric chair, firing squad, hanging, the guillotine, or being fed to the lions." (Parker, 2014, Web). Christian just simply wanted the convicted criminal who brought harm to other individuals and their families dead. Do people really care how inhumane the process is? Is that why the government has never addressed the issue, even with recent public exposure to its flaws? However, even with the vengeful thoughts, inhumane and inmate rights still apply, even for someone on death row. According to, a website composed a constitution of inmate rights, says, “Inmates have the right to be free, under the Eighth Amendment, from inhumane conditions because those conditions constitute "cruel and unusual" punishment.” Even the most monstrous of people, do indeed carry their constitutional rights, even up until death (Andrews, 2015, Web). The Constitutional Rights of Inmates goes on to say, “Any punishment that can be considered inhumane treatment or that violates the basic concept of a person 's dignity may be found to be cruel and unusual.” It has been proven inmates carry these rights; due to the

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