The Debated Issue of Same-Sex Marriage

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Same sex marriage has been an issue of debate among many countries because it concerns an issue of basic human and moral rights. According to the United States, a traditional marriage is the union of opposite sexes, a heterosexual union. One man and one woman unite to bind their marriage. This has been the tradition for many years until the issue of same sex marriage arose around the 1970s. The Defense of Marriage Act was passed in 1996 and gave the states the decision on whether or not they authorized homosexual marriage. It describes marriage as a “legal union between one man and one woman.” Only 17 of 50 states legalized gay marriage which isn’t even half of the United States. Some states are so grounded to their customs that they actually banned same sex marriage. There is nothing dangerous or unnatural about it and there is no need to try to protect the traditional marriage because no harm will come to it. Same sex marriage should be legalized by all states because it is unmerited and inequitable. Many argue that same sex marriage is unconstitutional, but in fact it is unconstitutional to ban same sex marriage. There is nowhere in the constitution that states same sex marriage is illegal and should never occur. These marriages should be protected by the constitution’s commitments to liberty and equality. We have civil liberties and one of them is the pursuit of happiness which in this case homosexuals are not allowed and prohibited. Not only are their civil liberties

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