The Declaration Of Independence : Argument And Persuasion Essay

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The Declaration of Independence was written for the purpose of separating the American colonies from the British Empire. In context of history, The Declaration was the first step into a modern representative democracy. In addition, the makers of the declaration, primarily Thomas Jefferson, constructed an argument to state the problems they had with Britain and tell how the new American government was going to deal with the problems. The argument Jefferson constructed was one made with all the wrong evidence; however, he built the argument in such a way to rally a people for war. The Declaration of Independence is a well-written example of argument and persuasion with its use of structure as a whole, use of specific fallacies, and use of appeals.
Foremost, when looking at the Declaration there needs to be an understanding of who the audience is. The most prominent person who would be reading this document would be the king himself, King George III. When looking at the Declaration, King George would primarily be looking at the argument Jefferson put forth. He also would be looking at the attacks and accusations being set against him. The purpose of the Declaration, with the King for an audience, is to separate all legal and moral ties. In the newly formed American government, Congress would be looking at what they were setting themselves up for and placing forth the foundation of their government. Congress’s purpose for writing the Declaration was to start a government and

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