The Declaration Of Independence By Thomas Jefferson

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My initial thought of writing a paper for The Declaration of Independence, written by Thomas Jefferson, was one of confusion and nervousness. I had no idea how I could write a paper on the documents structural elements and not focus on its history; however, once I did some research it became clear to me how I would write this paper. The Declaration of Independence is an influential document with argumentative writing techniques that appeal to the reader’s emotions. This document also contains persuasive methods that strengthen the purpose and design of the text. For instance, the purpose and design of The Declaration are effectively represented through sentence structure and wording. The sentence structure and wording are clear due to the comparison and contrast of the first and final draft of The Declaration. The comparison of these two texts uncover the removal and the insertion of words or sentences within the document. To illustrate, these deletions and insertions are made on purpose to convince, inspire, and invoke reader’s emotions and reactions. This is a vital tool for an argumentative text because the writer’s main purpose is to persuade the reader. The Declaration of Independence is a document that successfully applies argumentative methods through logos, deductive reasoning, and ethos. An effective argumentative source develops consistency in reasoning and has logos that influences people through logic. Logos explains and establishes the ideas of the writer in

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