The Declaration Of The Patriot Act

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When we approach people in any country around the globe and ask questions as to who are terrorists and the word terrorism which brought to the Unite States the birth of Patriot Act as well as the controversy surrounding the Act as a whole, we will see that the patriot act went too far because certain provisions seem to violate the constitutional rights of the citizens of this country.

First, I see terrorism as war and a terrorist in my view is a soldier going to war for certain purpose and reason to destroy. If captured, they should be treated as prisoners of war. What comes to the mind of terrorists is always war such as in military actions because they believe they have a cause to fight for. They are not countries declaring war …show more content…

In his writing, he stated that war is intrinsically vast, communal (or political) and violent. It is an actual, widespread and deliberate armed conflict between political communities, motivated by a sharp disagreement over governance” (p.135)

Without terrorist, there will be no patriot act. Terrorists commit aggression; they have their own armed forces. They have the capability of sending their soldiers to violate other citizen’s rights by kidnapping, causing atrocities and harm to innocent people. This is why they deserve to be punished and made to suffer any consequences for their actions. They commit aggressions and only conduct business by violence, especially against innocent civilians and creating fear to all nations. Thus, the immediate federal response to the World Trade Center attack by some terrorist group was the creation of the Patriot Act which contains the following contents with some to strengthen domestic security and ethical issues. According to the U.S Department of “It stated that the creations of the act, pertains to the country’s protection of civil liberties, which authorizes federal money to accomplish much of the act 's provisions, it allows the Secret Service to create a nationwide electronic crime task force. The president can confiscate the

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