The Decline Of A Fall

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A fall is defined as inadvertently coming to rest on the ground, floor or some lower level, excluding intentional change in position to rest. Another definition states that a fall is an event reported either by the faller or a witness, resulting in a person inadvertently coming to rest on the ground or another lower level, with or without loss of consciousness or injury. The worldwide population of the older adult as reported by the World Health Organization (WHO) may grow to 1.5 billion by the year 2050. The astounding fact is that approximately eighty percent (80%) will be living in developing countries. A ‘senior citizen’ or ‘older adult’ is defined as a person aged 65 years and older. This is the fastest growing population around …show more content…

Considering the magnitude of the ageing population and socio-economic changes around the world, measures to keep older people healthy and active are of utmost importance. (WHO, 2007). In most developed countries, population aging is a gradual process and most of the older adults live independently. Traditionally it was the responsibility of the family to care for older adults. We find ourselves in a care giving crisis as roles are changing, employment of women taking a major role, erosion of traditional family values, and an increasing trend for nuclear families. (Dsouza, 2014). The number of older adults living alone is increasing. Older adults are living both in residential care facilities or nursing homes and most often on their own in communities for the aged. It is estimated that more than 50% of those living in nursing homes and residential facilities fall every year and about 50% of these fall repeatedly. (CMS, 2014). The actual incidence is likely to be even higher, since many falls are not reported. Falls often lead to reduced functioning, which increases morbidity and mortality. Around 20% of falls need medical attention, 5–10% result in fractures (with one in five of these being a hip fracture), severe head injuries and joint distortions, and 5–10% in soft-tissue contusions hcdxd lacerations. Fall-induced injuries are the fifth leading cause of death in elderly adults

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