The Deep Roots Of Revolution

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The Deep roots of Revolution • America was in a revolution since it set foot in the New World, due to the constant revolving door of ideas, nature and society • The idea of republicanism had started to spread in the Americas, the belief that the people had to be selfless and courage to sustain government • The ideas of Whigs also manifested and these people called against corruption from the government and told colonist to be on alert if their rights were violated • The distance had begun to make many colonist feel independent when it came to being under British power Mercantilism and Colonial Grievances • Of the 13 original colonies only Georgia was still faithful to the British government • The British had the idea of mercantilism where a the economys wealth was judged by how much gold and silver it had, the colonies supplied the mother land with materials and then the mother country produced products to sell back to the colonies • England’s mercantilist grip on the colonies was handicapping the colonies and their economy • The British crown even had the right to overturn any law that the colonist made by using the Royal Veto The Merits and Menace of Mercantilism • The Navigation Acts were still in hated but weren’t enforced and this resulted in smuggling, Tobacco was a booming economy and mercantilism helped it grow • The colonies benefitted from the protection of the British Navy • The colonies still felt burdened by the Mercantile system and the fact that
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