The Democratic Peace Theory : Political And Cultural Similarity And Limits Of Democracy

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"Democratic peace theory is a theory which posits that democracies are hesitant to engage in armed conflict with other identified democracies"(Michael Doyle,1983).Democratic peace theory holds that because of political and cultural similarity and limits of democracy mechanisms in democratic countries, in international relations, a majority of democratic countries would perfer to choose negotiations or other peaceful ways to resolve the dispute. rested on these factors, democratic countries could sustain the so-called "peaceful state". In contrast, this peaceful state would not exist between non-democratic countries.

the reasons why democratic countries can keep the peace cause.
(1) Democratic Norms and Cultures.In Common, the so-called normative interpretation (Normative Explanations). The explanation considers that the reason for why democracies don 't war, mainly because of the democratic countries have similar culture and values.The principles of liberalism would be transgressed if a democratic country declare war to another countries. the only reason Democratic countries launched war to another liberal states is to spread freedom, but before the war, democratic countries already were liberal state, which means the war would lose its necessity. furthermore, more reasons for Democratic States declaring war are intimidated by threats from non-democratic countries or promoting democracy。 Doyle noted that the liberal State has countless war against non-free countries.

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