The Depth Of Misunderstanding. Consider The Depth Of The

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The Depth of Misunderstanding
Consider the depth of the misunderstanding in the following quote from “Critical Thinking, Second Edition,” by Richard Paul and Linda Elder
Assumption: An assumption is something we take for granted or presuppose. Usually it is something we previously learned and do not question. It is part of our system of beliefs. We assume our beliefs to be true and use them to interpret the world about us. . . .
If our belief is a sound one, our assumption is sound. If our belief is not sound, our assumption is not sound. Beliefs, and hence assumptions, can be unjustified or justified, depending upon whether we do or do not have good reasons for them.
This statement from “Critical Thinking, Second Edition” isn’t rational.
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Keep in mind that this is a dedicated brother in Christ. This isn’t an enemy, but a fellow servant of King Jesus.
When intellectuals throw around these kinds of phrases, it takes time to untangle the statements. It takes effort to know what’s being said. Let’s break down these two statements into normal English. We’ll unscramble this into a simple statement down the page. First, let’s understand these phrases from this Christian intellectual:
• “It makes sense” o If something makes sense, it’s rational or reasonable. o To be rational is to be sane.
• “Axioms are presuppositions assumed true.” o They’re unknown things (made-up) that are called “true” without proof that they’re true.
• “from which theorems are deduced” o When something is deduced, that means deductive reasoning has been used. o Sound deductive reasoning cannot be based on made-up stuff. It requires a premise that’s known to be true. o A theorem is a statement that’s been proved by sound deductive reasoning. o Yet this Christian intellectual said that sound deductive reasoning can be based on made-up stuff.
What’s this Christian intellectual saying? We can already see the internal conflicts. The thinking is very deceptive and clever. Not that this man is trying to deceive. That’s not his intent at all. Yet the natural human mind in each of us deceives us from time to time. It takes a bit of work to sort through the nonsense. The statement says that axioms (made-up things) are used as the
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