The Develod : A Summary Of Santiago Is A Shepherd

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Chapter 1 summary
Chapter 1
Santiago is a shepherd; we first meet him while he sleeps in a church with a sycamore tree where a sacristy once was. Santiago goes to a town to sell his sheep's wool to a merchant.Santiago waits outside on a step before the merchant sees him. Santiago then meets a girl whom he tells his tales to and falls in love with the girl. The girl is the merchant's daughter. Santiago then leaves the town and continues on his journey. After a time skip, it is a day before Santiago must go back to that town. He has the same troubling dream he had once and remembers there’s a woman who interprets dreams and decides to go and see her. Santiago meets this woman and is nervous, Santiago tells her about his dream. The dream where a child is playing with Santiago's sheep, which Santiago does not like. However, the sheep are not afraid of the child. The boy grabs Santiago’s hand, and they are teleported to the Egyptian pyramids. The boy says that there is a great treasure here, and just as the child is about to say the exact location, Santiago wakes up.
8/4/17 chapter 2
In this Chapter, Santiago is feeling like he is going to give up on the dream about the treasure. Santiago goes to the town plaza and sits down and drinks wine that he purchased. An old man approaches him, and it bothers Santiago because he wants to read his book. The old man says if Santiago will give him 1/4th of his flock he would tell him how to get the treasure. Santiago does not believe

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