The Development and Responsibilites of Police Officers Essay

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Public Safety (2007) has stated that throughout history almost everyone have wanted a form of protection so they did not have to live in fear every time they left their house. People generally want to live their lives knowing that they are safe. It is not known for sure where the origins of police work have actually begun. During the medieval times, fudal lords would hire strong men who would ensure that everyone paid their taxes. These hired brutes attempted to maintain some sort of order throughout the kingdom among the people. Unfortunately, in most cases, these men only followed their employer’s wishes and did not handle situations in honest or civilized ways (p.142). When America was first colonized the people living here …show more content…

Most officers were generally un-trained, the only purpose some held was to serve as a “political machine” to help those in high office positions. During the 20th century was when efforts had begun to help fix the corrupted police departments. Today, every state has a uniformed police. In addition, police have begun to operate at the federal level working in agencies like the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The immigration and naturalization Service, and the Drug Enforcement Agency. Most types of these police forces work independently but the departments work together to provide an effective law enforcement to maintain in this country (p.143). U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (2014) announced that the daily activities and duties of a police officer can vary depending on what occupational specialty he or she possesses. Working at the local, state, and federal agencies also determines the duties these officers do on a daily basis. Federal agencies usually focus their attention to specific criminal activities so the job task usually differ from what agency it is (p.3). The work of a law enforcement officer is not easy (Prospects, 2012, p.1). During a normal workday an officer can be chosen to work on many different assignments (Prospects, 2012, p.1). U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, (2014) says that even though there are many jobs an officer can be assigned to the most important duty is to

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