The Deviance Behind Drunk Driving Essay

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The Deviance behind Drunk Driving Many individuals in today’s society wonder what pushes people past a breaking point in which they become involved in actions not accepted by society, such as stripping, prostitution, drug use, alcoholism and more. The reasoning behind this is deviance. Deviance can be either positive (over conforming) or negative (under conforming). When applying the subject of crime to a type of deviance, it falls under the negative category because those who under conform in society have a tendency to reach their goals with non-accepted means. Considering the crime of drunk driving, many factors add up to develop a reason why so many people do it. Merton’s strain theory perspective explains the deviance behind drunk driving very well, using its’ assumptions, key focuses, and root of deviant acts to support it. Before focusing on Merton’s theory relating to the crime of drunk driving, we first have to recognize how sociologists understand the concept of deviance. Sociologists believe that deviance is the result of unsuccessful socialization. With this being said, it makes sense that deviance surrounds us because not everyone can be perfectly socialized to fit in civilization’s cookie cutter image. Those who cannot fit in tend to become deviant, where they then violate the norms of society. Once those norms are violated, they are labeled as deviant and will continue to become more deviant as others define them that way. Sociologists also believe that the

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