The Diamond Necklace Script

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SCENE 1: House

Narrator: A women named Mathilde Loisel suffered eternally, feeling her born to enjoy all delicacies and all luxuries. She was distressed at the poverty of her dwelling, at the bareness of the walls, at the shabby chairs, the ugliness of the curtains. All those things, of which another woman of her rank would never even have been conscious, tortured her and made her angry and made her married a little clerk of the Ministry of Public Instruction Monsieur Loisel.
Mathilde: (while the narrator narrates: walking inside the house, suddenly drops into the dining area, sits on the chair)
Monsieur: Ah, the good soup! I don't know anything better than this.
Closed Curtain
Narrator: One evening her husband reached home with
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Forestier: Why, yes, certainly.
Mathilde: (puts her arm on Forestier’s neck and kissed her on the cheeks) Thanks!
Narrator: Finally, the day has come! The arrival of the ball has come!

SCENE 4: Minister’s House
Open Curtain
(presence of the party; Mathilde arrived, everyone is looking at her)
Narrator: Every person in the event is amazed of Mathilde’s appearance.
Gentleman 1: May I ask your name, milady
Mathilde: Well, I’m madame Mathilde Loisel
Minister 1: (coughs) Excuse me, Madame but may I dance with you, right now? (bows and raises his right hand)
Mathilde: (places her hand on the minister then nods, she danced with passion, pleasure, forgetting all in the triumph of her beauty, happiness, admiration, and these awakened desires and of that sense of triumph which is so sweet to woman's heart.) I’d like to.
Closed Curtain
Narrator: And so, the ball continued as it was. It was 4 o’clock. Monsieur was waiting for her at the deserted entrance together with other men whose wives are enjoying the ball.

SCENE 5: Outside Minister’s House
Open Curtain
Monsieur: (sits outside the entrance waiting for Mathilde, he threw over her shoulders the stoles he had brought) Here. Wear this.
Mathilde: Thanks (she felt

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