The Difference Between Animals and Humans Essay

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Animal rights are an important topic to discuss and review. The trouble is the vast diversity of how people see humans and animals and how they are different and yet the same. Animals are in every aspect of our lives in how they are utilized to make our lives easier, to sustain us, or as a pet. Unfortunately, the line of animals and humans blurs as the widely known belief that we are a derivation of an animal and we should treat them as we would ourselves. This viewpoint, however, can be taken to an extreme as we see pets that can be pampered quite a bit. Relating back to the four authors in our text, there is considerable controversy on how animals should be treated. While some interesting positions arise with the various authors, to…show more content…
One view that is taken upon animals is that they cannot feel anything, so therefore, it does not hurt the animal but more the owner—in the view of pets. (E, p. 533) He explains that the owner of the pet feels more pain about the injured pet then that of the animals injury, and continues to explain that this viewpoint is irrelevant because pain is where it is felt, physiologically. The only reason that the belief is held is because the owner of the pet has a moral obligation to ensure the pets safety, and that the owner can actually do something about it—this is the subconscious view of the owner. He then tries to give some points on how animals should be treated. He argues that there is this “cruelty-kindness view” in that he states “…we have a direct duty to be kind to animals and a direct duty not to be cruel to them.” (E, p. 536) This view seems to have a valid argument but his argument begins to fail as he blurs the lines of human and animal interests during his argument to support this. However, Peter Singer has some level of agreement but takes a different stance.
Peter Singer’s argues that we should take a utilitarian viewpoint on how people should treat animals. He sees that animals can, in some cases, be smarter than humans and should therefore have some rights in how the animals should be treated. His argument holds this general viewpoint, “..we [should] extend to other species the basic
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