The Difference Between Egenarianism And Egalitarianism

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Due to this topic’s controversy in the evangelical church, I am very grateful to learn about these two different views. The variation of the views even within the egalitarian and complementarian perspectives was interesting. It reminded me that in ourselves alone unity cannot be found. Only in Christ can we obtain unity displaying a countercultural attribute that reflects His light and hope for this world. I am praying for our Great God’s faithful help in this.
Egalitarian Perspective In learning about the egalitarian perspective from Linda L. Belleville and Craig S. Keener, the bottom-line difference between egalitarians and complementarians seems to be the extent of which women can lead men. The egalitarian believes scripture supports mutual ministry opportunity for both genders. Belleville states “Egalitarian is to believe in the mutual gifting of women and men”. (35) Keener’s four options of viewing women in ministry is also very helpful. The fourth option is “The Bible permits women’s ministry under normal circumstances but prohibits it in exceptional cases, in which case we should allow it under most circumstances today” (Gundry, Beck 206). The egalitarian view is not about who has authority over a congregation, but by grace is given to believers through Christ and the gift of the Holy Spirit, empowerment is given both genders to minister to the congregation and equip the saints for ministry. Authority is given to Jesus Christ. The command scripture gives to

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