The Differences Between Ancient And Ancient Civilizations

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The different civilizations around the world all have different religions and beliefs. Some may be derived from a past culture and some may be thought up on their own, but they all have a way of doing things regarding their religion. From sacrificing food for their gods, praying to their gods, and building temples in honor of the gods, a civilization can have many different ways to worship the gods and remain devoted to their religion. The three specific religions from the Sumerian, Egyptian, and Vedic Aryan cultures will be the focus of this paper.
Starting with the Sumerian religion, their gods shaped their political institution and controlled everything. This would include the weather, fertility, harvests, and the under world so in this civilization, it is clear that religion played a large role in how everything was run. As explained in he Epic of Gilgamesh, the gods can give but the gods can also take away. Where there is a bountiful harvest one year, there can be searing droughts the next. The gods acted very capriciously and contentiously. Each major god had its own home in a particular city and in these particular cities, large temples were built as houses for the gods and were the symbol of urban identity. At these temples, citizens would gather to worship and play to their gods or goddesses. By the end of the third millennium BCE, the temple’s platform base changed to stepped platforms known as ziggurats. Surrounding these ziggurats were buildings that housed
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