The Differences Between Dementia And Alzheimer 's Dementia

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1- Background information on dementia and what it is 2- The differences between dementia and Alzheimer’s 3- How dementia changes parts of the brain 4- How the behaviour of those with dementia is affected 5- Impairments caused by dementia 6- How sufferers live with the disease 7- The treatments and cost of treating dementia 8- Incidence rates of the disease and how common it is 27 June 7- Acetyl Choline – chemical messenger in the brain which makes “neurones spark better and speak to each other more clearly.” (Bryden, 2005, p. 16) Small amounts of acetyl choline when you have dementia so brain does not work as fast. Drugs called acetyl cholinesterase (AChE) inhibitors stop the breakdown of acetyl choline so you have increased amounts in …show more content…

(Blackwell, 2014) Depression is also common, mainly in people who live in residential homes. (Blackwell, 2014) 8) 800,000 people in the UK have dementia 17000 + are younger people 11500 are black or ethnic minority Two thirds are women Only 44% are diagnosed Estimates over 1 million by 2021 (Blackwell, 2014) 8) Economic Impact: Report published by national audit office in 2007 on dementia revealed that social services and the NHS were spending an annual amount of over 17 billion on dementia. This meant that dementia “costs more than heart disease, stroke and cancer combined.” (Blackwell, 2014, p. 2) Therefore making dementia the most expensive disease in the UK to treat. Estimates reveal that the number of people will only increase in upcoming years which will lead to an increase on the price. In 2012 it had already increased to 23 billion over the short span of 5 years. 2)Many people confuse alzheimer’s and dementia or refer to them as the same thing. However, Alzheimer’s is actually a symptom of dementia and is also its leading cause in the UK. Typical AD is mainly common in the age range of 70-80. It is associated with a lack of memory and inability to retain new information. (Blackwell, 2014) 3) Loss of neurones occurs in all types of alzehimer’s but in severe it goes up to 40% loss. Outer volume of brain therefore shrinks as the inner

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