The Differences Between Native Americans And American Families

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When thinking about what the difference between how the Native American families lived versus what families look like in 2016. There is a big gap in years to start off with from 1776 to 2016 that is more than 240 years of a difference. Over that gap of years many things have changed in what people look as a standard family. Families dynamics are very different from how the Native Americans lived with their tribes and how people live now. Native Americans were very close with family and lived in a very tight community or also known as tribes. There are a couple things that Native Americans did because it was a culture thing that they had done for years.
If you were a child, your father was a guest in your mother’s home. Although strong bonds existed between wives and husbands, a woman’s ties to her maternal kin—her mother, her mother’s brothers, her maternal cousins—were generally stronger (Cherlin, pg.46).
For boys when they hit puberty they had to move out of their parents’ house and into men’s ceremonial houses and were married soon after. Men never really went back to living with their parents because women were supposed to be closer with their parents. Also most of the men got married to women in a different tribe. But for girls they lived with their parents tell they got married and when they got married they either lived in the same house with the parents or on the parent’s land. Also most of the marriages were arranged by elders in the tribe to help gain better
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