The Discovery of America: An Indirect Result of the Crusades

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The United States would not be what it is today if it were not for the societies that have impacted it. The Crusades indirectly contributed to the discovery of the new world. To this day America still imports grain from a trade policy signed of years ago during the Ukrainian Famine. The discovery of America is all because of the indirect effect from the Crusades. The sacking of Constantinople (1204), which was a result from the Fouth Crusade, resulted in the fatal weakening of the Byzantine Empire from the capture and pillage of the Christian bastion. In order to give the Europeans incentive and desire to go exploring, the Crusades helped weaken the Byzantine Empire, who's eventual collapse made access to Asian spices more difficult. Because of this obstruction, this therefore motivated Europeans to find other ways to get to Asia. This pursuit and search of such trade routes lead to the “discovery” of the New World by Columbus. With the disintegration of the Silk Road as well as the fall of the Byzantium to the Otttoman Turks and the collapse of the Mongol Empire to the East, Europe’s access to China and the far East was hopelessly lost.Another indirect impact of the discovery of America is knowledge advancement. As a consequence of the crusader contact with Islamic civilizations of the Middle East, Europeans of the Dark Age were again introduced to cultural, scientific and mathematical advances. With access blocked to products such as spices and fine

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