The Disparities Between African American Women And European Americans

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“African Americans have the highest death rate form all cancer sites combined and from malignancies of the lung and bronchus, colon and rectum, female breast, prostate, and cervix of all racial or ethnic groups in the United States (Elizabeth ward, 2004). The health disparities in African Americans and other racial groups are alarming. For this essay I choose to focus on the empirical facts on the disparities between African American women and European American women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and the disparity in mortality rates. Therefore many of the studies I found linked the disparity to race, poverty and environmental factors. American cancer society estimates, that in 2017 there will be 252,710 new breast cancer diagnosis …show more content…

For example, the Tuskegee experiment that purposely held syphilis experiments on black men while withholding medications from participants treating them like “guinea pigs”. Another historical event is the eugenics experiment on young African American women through selective breeding and sterilization, just to name a few. She explained that physicians are not culturally sensitive to handle historical event that are prevalent in this mistrust of African American people (Ferrera, 2015), Hence why many African American women do not visit a physician. Another example of patients mistrust was the Deborah lacks story, where her cells were being cultivated by scientist and replicated and sold all over the world without the knowledge of her family. While the scientist reaps the rewards Deborah lack’s family was poor, uneducated and also suffering from illness. These traumatic historical events are enough to doubt the sincerity of physicians specifically if those physicians match the physical descriptions of the oppressor.
A group study by (Ferrera, 2015) revealed that racial oppression was another factor of women trust in physicians. Most patients felt that they were treated differently due to their race. The participant expressed that clinical placement in the Chicago community was in accessible. One explained that most of the free clinics are

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