The Dissolution Of Marriage Bonds

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The dissolution of marriage bonds in the society today is no longer an issue spoken in hushed tones behind doors as in previous times. Statistics have indicated an increasing rate of divorce in countries like Belgium and Chile as being very high and only a few places like the Philippines depict low rates (Kittleson,, 2005). It is on account of these developments that we seriously ponder and guess on what really caused the sudden rise. Is it a problem with the individual or is it society’s drawback?

It is commonly quotes that half of the marriages that exist today end up in divorce. Taking the example of Canada, latest studies have found that four in ten first marriages end in divorce (, 2015). What has drawn attention is not just the figures but it is the comparison between the present and the past figures and the rate with which they are rising (Kittleson,, 2005). Divorce indeed has existed over many generations. The reasons given for divorce in society have not really changed much but have only become more complicated because of the societal dynamics. While pursuing solutions to this issue, strategies have been laid out just like that applied to many other problems’. Such is the case that various professionals who include researchers, scholars, sociologist’s and many others have made attempts to figure out what exactly is the source to divorce. Here, the big question is whether it is a problem with society or with the

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