The Doctrine Of The Divine Command Theory

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Rachels describes the Divine Command theory as weak because it makes morality mysterious. According to the Divine Command Theory, nothing is good nor bad, unless God’s thinking makes it so. For example, child abuse. Child abuse is wrong, but according to this theory, it is neither right nor wrong (because the God’s have not commanded it so). If the God’s were to command that child abuse was right, this still does not make child abuse right, so therefore this theory is untenable and makes us further question morality and this theory. The question that makes this theory a mystery is, “Is conduct right because the God’s command it, or do the God’s command it because it is, right?” (Socrates, p.50) This is one of the most famous questions in the history of philosophy. Truthfulness existed before the God’s commanded it, and because truthfulness is righteous the God’s made truthfulness a command. Also, another downfall to the Divine Command Theory as Rachels points out is that not everyone has the same understanding of religion, and everyone’s beliefs are different. Furthermore, there is inconsistencies within the religious text itself, thus making it hard to know what God’s will really is. In conclusion the Divine Command Theory fails because this conception of morality is mysterious and leaves us still questioning where morality comes from.
2.) The Theory of Natural Law views the world as having rational order with values and purpose built into its every

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