The Dog 's Status As An Out Of State Student

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At 12:52 p.m, I contact the BARC shelter and spoke with a supervisor, Laura Griffith, and she confirmed receipt of my email containing Carter 's veterinary records, photograph to identify the dog and proof of Chloe 's status as an out of state student. I next inquired about whether the shelter would reconsider requiring Carter to be altered in light of the conversation with Animal Control Officer Smith on January 14th. Officer Smith advised that the shelter supervisor had discretion over whether to alter an animal animal control. Ms. Griffith stated that BARC had contacted animal control earlier that morning, January 15, 2017, and spoken with Supervising Officer Howard who indicated that the dog must be altered. When I requested the …show more content…

He then said but appearing in person will be no different because you are stating your case to me now over the phone. I explained that I respect the law as an attorney and understand the purpose for rules, regulations, policies and statutes but there are often exceptions to the best crafted document. I again inquired about the appeals process and was told that the only time that animal control does not require altering is when there is a medical reason verified by the shelter veterinarian/surgical personnel which makes the altering a danger to the animal 's health. I then asked if the mandatory altering applies only to the animals of Baltimore City residents picked up by animal control. Officer Howard told me that animal control 's position applies to ANY animal collected in Baltimore City regardless of the ties to the municipality. I proposed a hypothetical where an out of town visitor brought their prize winning dog to Baltimore who the owner planned to breed and the dog got away from the owner, would Baltimore City Animal Control require altering before the dog could be reclaimed from BARC? Officer Howard answered yes, it does not matter what the extenuating circumstances are unless they are medical reason to not comply with altering. I next inquired what the across the board rationale was for requiring every male and female dog, including those attempting to be reclaimed by verified

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