The Domino Effect In Hamlet By William Shakespeare

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“When you empower people you're not influencing just them; you're influencing all the people they influence."(John Maxwell) Control gives you the power to change what happens in your life and sometimes others. This can lead to good or bad situations, but in a Shakespeare play Hamlet it's what leads to major events in the play. William Shakespeare is known for his way of writing tragic events that are usually caused by some character trying to manipulate others. People who try to manipulate others for their benefit are more focused on achieving their plans than helping. Family can manipulate someone in their own way and not intentionally, but can be pursued as them taking control of your decisions. In the play Shakespeare's, way of making the …show more content…

In Hamlet the control starts with Claudius the king whose also is Hamlet's uncle starts the by controlling the Lord Chamberlin Polonius and manipulating him to use his daughter Ophelia to find out why Hamlet is acting insane and what is he planning to do. "At such time I'll loose my daughter to him(Claudius). Be you and I behind an arras then, Mark the encounter"(2,2,165). As parents try to control their children, it only leads them to think they can control everything and anyone, especially them in their relationship where Ophelia tries to control Hamlet and the way he is acting because she doesn’t believe that Hamlet is truly insane. Trying to take someone's right to be who they are and letting them be is what leads to relationships, not lasting like Hamlet's and Ophelia's because of her trying to make Hamlet into someone he was not anymore. The Domino theory was effective and communism didn’t spread, but in the twist of Hamlet, he ended up controlling all the characters when they were all trying to control him. As they all try to manipulate the situations and find out what Hamlet is real intentions are when he already knew Claudius was controlling everyone around him into finding out what Hamlet knew about his father's death. The dominos all fell into place as everyone thought but one who controlled it all. Even though

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