The Downfalls Of Colonial Women In Colonial America

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“Some women fear the fire, some women simply become it.” - R.H. Sin. During Colonial America, women weren’t as valued as in current day. In Colonial times, women worked around the house, didn’t have legals rights, some were wealthy and others were slaves and others lived in the city.
As young girls, most women learned how to work around the house, which they most likely learned from their mother. Few women throughout the colonies had a proper education, as some couldn’t even read or write. But, because women worked in their household, these skills were not necessary. Due to the amount of tasks that needed to be accomplished, women worked very hard. Some of their chores included sewing clothes, cooking, baking, making sure the house is kept clean and the list goes on.
One of the many downfalls of being a colonial women is not having any legal rights. Women in these times didn’t have the right to vote, nor the right to hold public office. As a married women, whatever belongs to you now belongs your husband. Also, as a married woman your identity was all in your husband,so you were basically owned by him. On the other hand, as an unmarried woman or a widow you gained more rights. Though, if you are unmarried you have to make a living for yourself and you can’t lean on your husband for support. You were allowed to own your own land, which was a big step up from being property of your husband. Also, women were allowed to make wills, sell property and sign contracts. After the

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