The Drilling For Oil Drilling

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Mario Gonzalez Mr. Daw English 1A 15 April 2015 Offshore Oil Drilling This day and age, oil is what makes the world go around. Without it, people cannot travel, be able to use fuel oils for electricity and heating, there would not be asphalt roads, and also there would not be chemicals used to make plastics, or other synthetic materials that humans use every day. Oil is a useful resource but the ways that are used to obtain it are not very appealing. One way it is obtained is by offshore drilling. According to an article on, “What is Offshore Oil Drilling?” offshore drilling “is an oil extraction technique which allows oil companies to access deposits of oil buried under the ocean floor.” Underneath all that, there are problems, the environment is being hurt. Offshore oil drilling may be useful; but the effects of it are bad for life on earth. Drilling for oil is a dirty business and some projects are being run on a 24 hour basis. Whenever oil is recovered from the ocean floor, other chemicals and toxic substances also come up. Things like lead, arsenic, and even mercury that are often released back into the ocean. Before drilling starts, oil first needs to be located. Oil is located by using seismic waves which can harm sea mammals and cause whales to become disoriented. Recently the company ExxonMobil had to suspend exploration efforts in trying to find oil near Madagascar because more than 100 whales beached themselves. Sometimes during an operation at a

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