The Drug Enforcement Administration ( Dea )

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Dayana Silgado
CJ 2600-01

The DEA actually stands for, “the Drug Enforcement Administration” this administration was created in 1973 by President Richard Nixon (DEA). The Drug Enforcement Administration was created to have greater impact on stopping drug deals and any type of drug distribution within the United States. Many people believe the DEA is separate from the other law enforcement agencies, but the Criminal Justice System all comes together to prevent any drug related incidents and stop them whichever way that they can.
Drug enforcing agencies existed way before the 1970s. President Hoover founded the Federal Bureau of Narcotics in 1930, different names but both have the same purpose when it comes to this drug problem that the United States seems to be dealing with even till this day. The FBN was not as big as the DEA is today, but it sure was an up and running Federal bureau. It wasn’t high staffed yet, but the staff it did have had many concerns about cocaine being distributed through the streets. The worst part is, that not only were there cocaine issues, but there were marijuana issues as well. “By 1936, all 48 states had enacted legislation to control the cultivation of the cannabis plant, but its production and use were not prohibited by federal law until 1937, when Congress placed marijuana and hashish in the category of illegal, federally controlled drugs when it passed the Marijuana Tax Act” (DEA). With all of these different drug issues starting

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