The Drunkard O Connor

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Temptation is a desire to do something, especially something wrong or unwise. One’s true nature always overpowers the desire to do something that is wise and rightful. This struggle is due to the urge and fight of his or her instinct. Temptation is filled throughout the lives of the human race and Frank O’Connor displayed this motivation of temptation in his fable “The Drunkard” it was a well written short story by Frank O’Connor in 1948. This short story was said to be written to tell and give insight of O’Connor’s life, as well as the other great works he has written that contain “unexpected turns of events, the severe social control on incest and alcoholism.” (O’Donovan 1771) Frank O’Connor was a writer who used personal experiences to…show more content…
Dooley the neighbor of the Delaney family. He was “an intellectual” (O’Connor 342) man he was someone everyone looked up to he was a man who had it all they thought. “Mr. Dooley was a commercial traveler with two sons in the Dominicans and a car of his own.” (O’Connor 343) Then he passed away and with the death of Mr. Dooley, Mick Delaney would have no one to talk to in the morning lead Mick Delaney to think that he could be next to die Mr. Dooley was not much older than him. With Mick Delaney thinking the mother of Larry Delaney and wife of Mick Delaney she knew he was going to start drinking. She tried to distract him and even encouraged him not to go to Mr. Dooley’s funeral because she knew how funerals and loses make him go back to drinking. Even Larry knew the outcome of his father drinking he says “drink, you see, was fathers great weakness.” (O’Connor 344) The father had a problem that he could not control due to the temptation of his true…show more content…
Larry’s curiosity of what alcohol tasted like tempted him to try his father’s glass “I found if I stood on tiptoe I could just reach fathers glass, and the idea occurred to me that it would be interesting to know what the contents were like.” (O’Connor 347). So Larry drank the beer from the glass he began to feel different a “pleasantly elevated and philosophic.” (O’Connor 347), introducing him to a new feeling he liked without knowing what this new feeling was he continued to drink and soon realized he was drunk. Then Mick Delaney noticed the boy was different shook him making sure he was okay then applauded him pretty much by saying “That’s a good boy!” (O’Connor 348), as if it’s okay to be drunk at his age. After thinking about it he gets really scared and stressed out because the thoughts of the mother and actions she may perform. The comes to his senses and snaps out of his drunken high and rushes Larry home scared out of his mind because Mick Delaney did not want anyone to see his boy like that. He could not hide him he was loud and he had to wait for a cart home and a group of people looked at him
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