The Dual Writing Style In Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl

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Nick and Amy moved from New York City, where both were laid off from their previous jobs as writers, to Nick’s hometown of North Carthage, Missouri to care for Nick’s cancer stricken mother and his father with alzheimer's. The two have a quite imperfect marriage that is at times profoundly one-sided, but is disrupted when Amy goes missing. A search Amy quickly ensues, and as the investigation progresses, the truth about Amy and Nick’s not-so-wonderful marriage comes out for all to see. In this journal I will be predicting the possibility of Nick’s involvement in the case, questioning why the detectives won't rule Nick out as a possible suspect, and evaluating the dual perspective writing style in Gone Girl.
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Along with the rotating viewpoints, the two stories being told, by Amy and Nick, happen at different times through the collective story. I usually dislike this writing method, but in this plot, I think it works well. I like that the two do not tell the same story from different perspectives but rather one tells the story and the other follows with a background perspective that gives some insight as to the reasoning behind the actions and motives of the characters in the present. In the case of this book, Nick is narrating the investigation of Amy’s disappearance as chapters of Amy’s diary chronicle the past relationship between the two counterparts. The two perspectives complement each other, but neither spoil the storyline, as dual perspective books tend to do. For example, Amy often gives us accounts from Nick and Amy’s early relationship. Her discoveries from the dawn of their romance shows how the opposite family structures of the two partners change how act in the present of their relationship: “People say children from broken homes have it hard, but the children of charmed marriages have their own particular challenges” (Flynn 27). The two narrators of the story give a deep understanding of the motives and actions without giving too many details that might spoil the future of the

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