The Dynamic Evolution of the Biotech Industry

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The evolution of the basic science supporting the growth of biotechnology is fascinating, but for me, well understood, from the fundamentals of recombinant DNA technology and taking advantage of basic model organisms to study and manipulate genetic information, to utilizing the biochemical properties of DNA, RNA, polypeptides, and other macromolecules to elucidate the seemingly endless body of biological knowledge - different methods of sequencing including high throughput methods utilizing arrays and fluorophores, as well as supporting technologies such as polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to increase the amount of starting material from even the tiniest number of isolated molecules. What is lesser known to me, as well as a tragic fact of life, is the business side of biotech. The dynamic evolution of the biotech industry overtime, however, is quite fascinating and a delight to learn about, from the fertile grounds for biotech ventures and startups of the early market to the trending ‘urge to merge.’
Genentech is a ripe exemplar of the highly adaptable and productive initial pool of 1st generation biotech companies. Genentech not only developed the novel recombinant DNA technology but also maneuvered through the established world of drug development with expertise, leveraging its new technology into products commanding high value while founding strategic corporate partnerships. The evolution of this market saw the huge successes of IPO’s in the late 1980’s to mid 90’s, and

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