The Early Modern Period

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In the Early Modern Period places such as Russia, the Ottoman Empire, China, and the Mughal Empire all underwent changes within their own culture. Even though these places went through economic, territorial, and agriculture changes only Russia decides to adopt a Westernize philosophy for their country.
Russia welcomes the idea of westernization on the premise of Peter the Great seeking Western allies for crusades against Europe. Characteristics of Westernization include having a strong navy, a bureaucratic government, strong interest in science and technology, and luxury items that were imported from the West. Due to the small amount of the middle class citizens, Russia’s westernization was led by their government. Even though, Russia was
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Although, they are trying to expand territory to govern diverse peoples. The Mughal Empire’s weak leadership and religiously intolerance impeded their development as an Empire. Ultimately, their lack of leadership led the British East India company to adopt a great deal of land in India. This also led to Mughal India becoming a British colony. The state of Mughal India at the end of the modern period is extinct because they decided to colonize with Britain.
China rejects the idea of westernization because they would rather become isolated as a country, than adapting to Western ideas. This ideology stems from the fact China believes that they have the most dominant empire in the world. China is impeded by no technological advances, culture favored traditional styles, influx of silver caused income to be unequal, population growth produced massive poverty. By the end of the Early Modern period China is gradually weaken. This is because the lack of advancement technologically and influx of people in their country. Additionally, this lead to the demise of the Chinese Empire.
As examined above, most Empire in the Early Modern Period were not keen on the idea of Westernization because it degrades the values and culture exhibited by their own
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