The Effect Of The Gilded Age

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During the Progressive Era, many people were beginning to realize the effects of the Gilded Age, which left almost the whole nation in poverty, so some people called muckrakers rose to the challenge to help resolve the poverty problem. Among the muckrakers, Thomas Nast effectively helped try to stop a thief in office, who was secretly stealing from the country. Thomas Nast 's birthplace was Landau, Germany, and his birthdate is September 27, 1840. In 1846, he and his family immigrated to New York City. Thomas Nast was an American artist, best known for his paintings and caricatures. He is especially known for his political cartoons against The New York City political machine and promoting Radical Reconstruction during slavery. Thomas Nast was one of the most persuasive political cartoonists in America, drawing over 2,200 cartoons. Nast created a turning point in American History with his cartoons, using his artistic talent and adding dialogue. Nast left a permanent mark on the nation, to show how corrupt the nation was using symbols such as the Republican Elephant and the Tammany Tiger. Thomas Nast effectively removed corruption from the nation by working with Harper’s Weekly, attacking Boss Tweed and Tammany Hall, and using his cartoons against other groups of people who were creating flaws in the nation.
Thomas Nast created many illustrations that have been remembered, and are still used today such as the portrayal of Santa Claus, the Republican elephant and

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