The Effect Of The On The Classroom

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The term sponge may sound like an odd term in education, but many people refer to sponges as bell work, vocabulary builders, or even transitions. Sponges take up the awkward free time in the classroom, where students often talk to a classmate, throw a paper airplane through the air, or loss interest in the subject all together. They can help eliminate the added time it sometimes takes to get students back in order and ready for the lesson. By eliminating the extra time it takes students to regain order, you can increase students learning. Sponges help reinforce past, present, and future learning. They can also challenge student thinking, making the student think on a higher level than just recalling information. At the beginning of the class, it is sometimes hard to be in the classroom right when the bell rings. If students are expected to come in and work on a sponge activity, chaos will not erupt. When the teacher does get to class, the class will already be working in an orderly manner, eliminating the need of taking precious time to get students to sit down and get ready for the lesson. Sponges can also be utilized when taking attendance, getting the lunch count, or even collecting student’s homework at the beginning of class. Another time a sponge activity can be used is when you are called away from the classroom for a phone call or a quick talk with another teacher or administration. You can give the students a little task while someone else is watching

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