The Effect of Diplomacy on the Rise of the Modern State Essay

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To what extent did diplomacy effect the rise of the modern state from 1648-1815? The modern state was sovereign; therefore, internally, it exerted itself its authority, within a territorial boundaries which was clearly defined and acknowledged internationally, there was no authorities higher than the state. Externally, state sovereignty indicated that other states recognized its authority within its borders, and agreed that it could represent its citizens in international affairs. (Graeme Gill) The modern state was centralized, and bureaucratically organized. Its legal administration as well as its administrative staffs were controlled by regulations. Its offices were structured with a definite line of direction. Through their…show more content…
Therefore, a new principle based on equal sovereignty was established in Germany. After Westphalia many states in Germany had contracted treaties with other states to prevent war, to resolve their conflicts, or they would bring their suit to court. Many treaties had been signed between states in war, in order to make peace. Among those treaties we cite the Treaties of Utrecht also called the Peace of Utrecht (1713-1714.) It was signed in order to end the war of the Spanish Succession. The Treaty of Passarowitz also called Passarowitz was signed by Austria, Venice, and the Ottoman Empire after the Venetian- Turkish war in 1718, the treaty of Vienna, which concluded the end of the war of the Polish Succession was signed by France and Austria in 1738. All of them had one objective which was to end the war between states. Those treaties demonstrated the impact of diplomacy in the rise of the modern states because by ending the war between states, diplomacy had facilitated their stability, because of it. The modern state now could decide to start their development, and to spend their money wisely in order to assure the welfare of their population. Westphalia treaty had also transformed the modern state by
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