The Effects Of Deindividuation And Dehumanization On Human Behavior

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In beginning studies, it was shown that people developed deindividuation when presented with an opportunity of anonymity. Deindividuation is when people lose sense of self awareness. This is brought on by anonymity and has led to aggression and antisocial behavior. It has been shown that other things such as group size has led to deindividuation.
Dehumanization is defined as one person treating another person or persons like objects or animals instead of human beings. The person has said or done things that downplay human life. This helped the person to feel better when they do terrible things that they know are terrible for the victims of their abuse. Dehumanization involves more than one person verses deindividuation which involves one individual. The effects of deindividuation and dehumanization are devoted to causing anti-normative behavior. Anti-normative behavior is found mainly in the computer world. The computer setting allowed users to remain unknown while communicating with other users. This gave more comfort when being involved in cyber bullying and what is known as flaming. Cyber bullying and flaming are considered acts of aggression, which is known as anti-normative behavior.
Antisocial behavior was not a big topic of research when it came to researching the computer world. Most of the time a user gets randomly added to a game without picking his or her choice of players. As the user played the game, he or she communicated with the other users during the game

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