The Effects Of Depression On Health Issues And Promote People 's Wellbeing Essay

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People who suffer from depression are constantly challenged every day from emotionally, physically challenges that affect their overall health. In the present day, depression is a common mental illness that many people have to encounter. People who experience depression in their lifetime trigger other health problems. Some health concerns are both psychological and physiological. Often times, depressed people are at the risk of hurting themselves and this could lead to suicide. Since their safety is at risk, it’s essential to figure ways on how to promote their recovery. Although depression can not be easily treated, there are several ways to help guide them through this illness. For instance, there are many helpful sources that bring awareness to health issues and promote people’s wellbeing. Scope
Since in most cases of depression people have suicidal thoughts or attempt to commit suicide, health providers believe that it’s important to disclose as much data in regards to this subject. Depression is an illness that often goes unrecognized, and it must be addressed more frequently. Every year there are 800,000 suicides worldwide and fifty percent of them who commit suicide are depressed (WHO). The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention reports that 25 million Americans suffer from depression and more people deal with this illness than those who suffer from coronary heart disease and HIV(TheOverNight). Especially people of ages 15-29 are at a

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