The Effects Of Divorce On Children From Divorced Parents And Intact Families Essay

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With divorce rates rising over the years, over 50 percent of marriages will end in a divorce. Is this high divorce rate affecting the children from these divorced families, and if so how is it affecting the children? Or what if a married couple who is unhappy decides to stay together for the children? How does an intact but unhappy family affect the children? So to answer your questions Dr. Phil, I have put together a report from many different books, articles and studies on the effects on a child from a divorced family compared to an intact but an unhappy family. Then I will conclude with what I believe will be the best answer to your question for you to give to your audience. I will first discus a family that has decided to stay together in an un-happy but intact marriage. Children learn most of their characteristics from their parents, then model that behavior and frequently repeat these patterns in their own adulthood lives. From the book Human Development from a study on children from divorced parents and intact families says “…the search reveal that in school achievement, conduct, adjustment, self-concept, and parent – child relations, children whose parents had divorced fared poorly compared to children from intact families.” (Amato, 2001; Amato & Keith, 1991; Lansford, 2009). From many of the readings, books, and articles like the one above, children from divorced families scored lower on almost everything from self-confidence and self-control all the way to lower

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