The Effects Of Drug Abuse On Our Life

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This essay will be written to raise awareness into the idea of drug abuse and what causes it as this is a growing issue within adolescents in our world today. This essay will help to inform people into the negative impact drugs can have on your life and to also outline how an individual can refrain from such acts. It is worthy of investigation due to the fact that it will enable one to gain a greater understanding through science and research about how an individual within the aforementioned age group can be influenced by differing factors, which ultimately lead to consumption of drugs. The essay aims to ensure individuals refrain from conforming to the underlying contention of drugs as a negative substance.
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Teenagers and young adults choose to take drugs for many different reasons and these include: To fit in, to escape from pressures, to relieve boredom, to seem grown up, to rebel, to experiment (drug free world 2006)
Many teenagers feel as though consuming drugs acts as a solution to their problems. However, the drugs usually become a major problem affecting their life as the years pass on. Drugs soon become an addiction and lead people’s life astray. The addiction itself can be considered a brain disease because drugs change the function and structure of the brain (NIH, 2014). The brain is made-up of a variety of parts that all interconnect to take out a specific job. When drugs are consumed they cause the brain to stop functioning in the way that it usually does. Drugs can affect three primary areas of the brain and these include: The brain stem, the cerebral cortex and the limbic system. (Brain and addiction, 2014) For most people the initial decision to consume or inject any type of drug is voluntary. However, over time, drug use can cause changes to the brain and this can take away peoples self-control and therefore limit their ability to make sound decisions in certain circumstances. There are many biological and socio-cultural factors that do indeed play a role in drug use, and this essay will attempt to explain these factors with reference to relevant research studies.
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