The Effects Of Drugs And Alcohol On Pregnant Women And Babies Essay

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The Effects of Drugs and Alcohol on Pregnant Women and Babies When hearing about babies born addicted to drugs or babies born after being previously exposed to alcohol, most people are appalled and slightly outraged. Pregnant women who are exposed to drugs and alcohol are risking the welfare of their unborn child because most everything the mother puts in her body gets passed on to the baby either by passing through the placental barrier or the umbilical cord. Drugs are considered any substance that makes a change to the physiological aspects of the body. Some drugs that affect pregnant women include caffeine, over the counter drugs, tobacco, and illegal drugs such as cocaine or methamphetamine. Based on the definition of a drug, alcohol is considered a drug. Alcohol has many adverse side effects for pregnant women and their babies. These adverse side effects from alcohol usually stay with these babies through their lives and have lasting effects. The use of substances that are considered to be drugs while pregnant is advised against because of the side effects caused to the baby. However, some women choose to ignore these advisements. What Are Drugs? Drugs are any substance that alters the physiology of the body. (McKim and Hancock 2013) Drugs can range from coffee to alcohol and the substances considered over the counter drugs to illegal drugs. A large number of substances deemed to be drugs have many addictive qualities. These addictive qualities lead to chronic
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