The Effects Of Electronic Cigarettes On The United States

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It is undeniable that the popularity and usage of electronic cigarettes or personal vaporizer devices have been on the rise since they first gained the public’s attention in the early twenty first century. In fact, one study by UBS Securities LLC shows that the value of the e-cigarette market has doubled or more each year since 2007 and was expected to double from two hundred and fifty million dollars in 2011 to five hundred million in 2012(7). Some of the growing concerns is that, like the tobacco market when it first started growing in popularity, there has been little research conducted on the long term effects of electronic cigarettes. Other causes for concern stem from the marketing and sale of these devices to teenagers. This is why the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) needs to impose restrictions and regulations on the use and sale of these devices and conduct further research on the health related effects and long term effects of their usage.
The rapid rise in acceptance and usage can be attributed to the claims made by the manufacturers of these products, that they are a safer alternative to smoking or that they are a new possible smoking cessation aid. However in 2010 the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) had rejected these claims and issued warnings to five such manufacturers for “violations of good manufacturing practices, making unsubstantiated drug claims, and using the devices as delivery mechanisms for active pharmaceutical ingredients.” Although,

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