The Effects Of Fatherly Absence On Teenage Pregnancy

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The absence of paternal care for children brings about technicalities when it comes to imparting good morals and values to the children of both sexes. It is often an impossible task for one parent to openly guide a child single-handedly. This notion warrants the investigation of the impacts of fatherly absence on teenage pregnancy through the engagement in early sexual activities. The absence of one parental unit creates a gap that gives room for mischievous behavior due to reduced oversight. This study will seek to investigate whether indeed fatherly absence plays a role increased sexual activity among teenage girls and consequently lead to early pregnancy. Background Information¬
Between the two sets of parents, fathers are the most uninvolved in child development (Lamb, 1996). Their contribution is often minimal and in some cases is often null. Society has often given importance and focus in the responsibility of the mother while that of the father has often been given a secondary significance. According to Horn (2002), fatherlessness has over time risen to become the root to social normlessness. Children raised without fathers are known to undergo various detriments in life, for instance, dropping out of school, engaging in delinquency and engaging in sexual activities at a tender age.
Biller (1982), links paternal deprivation to various psychological troubles in daughters. Biller states that fatherly absence is the root cause of out of wedlock births

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