The Effects Of Global Warming On The Human Race

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The environment we inhabit is drastically changing due to the detrimental global warming and climate change, it is likely our Earth will become strenuous to live in. There are sufficient scientific studies that have shown how the negative effects of global warming can threaten the human race. It has shown that disasters will accumulate if we take no further actions to protect our Earth. Governments don’t make all the decisions in the society, but they make a lot of these structural decisions and climate change is a structural issue. They have astronomical and elusive role to guide the choices that society makes in order to reduce harmful emissions. We need to assiduously plan to avoid any more calamitous to the ecosphere, and together we …show more content…

The process of burning fossil fuels by human activity cause the greatest amount of carbon dioxide, methane, and nitro oxide in the earth’s atmosphere, raising global temperature. Fossil fuels are non-renewable natural resources that formed millions of years ago when the prehistoric remains of plants and animals were progressively buried under layers of rock (Fossil). Fossil fuels power our essentials like motor vehicles and heater at homes, which produce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.
Until the 1960s, scientists began to look closely at the possibility of fixture carbon dioxide (C02) admission on global temperature and began to realize the bigger catastrophe that can bring towards the future. NASA’s Global Climate Changes researcher show a few degrees rise in the Earth’s temperature will melt the Arctic ice caps and raise the sea levels (Arctic Sea Ice Minimum). When the sea levels are raise higher than the normal levels, it will flood our mainland by sweeping away homes and anything in its path. It wasn’t until 1975 when the phrase “global warming” notice by the community because of the trend in temperature slipping. In 1988 was the hottest year at that time, the rise of weather changing got peoples ' attention. A report by the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) suggests “there is a discernible human influence on global climate” (Working Group I: The Scientific Basis). If we begin to convert to using solar power and wind energy, we will reduce the

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