The Effects Of Immigrants In TV Shows

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TV shows incorporate issues happening today in society very often. There are shows about racism, gay marriage, rape, etc. Writers and producers find a way to merge these issues into their show to give their viewers a bigger understanding on the matter and its effects. An issue TV shows fail to display is the stories of immigrants. Immigrants may be included in shows but there is no background story given of the character. Immigrants usually play the role of background characters, never focused on. Due to the shortage of immigrant stories in TV shows, most children with immigrant parents failed to recognize the sacrifices made by their parents. To help these children understand, Aziz Ansari and Alan Yang created a NetFlix series in 2015 that contains social issues in each episode, one of them being solely concentrated on immigrants. The second episode “Parents” of Master of None focuses on the two main characters, Dev and Brian, and their immigrant parents, Ramesh and Peter. Background stories are given of Ramesh and Peter to show the life immigrants had before coming to America. With the background stories, viewers notice the dissimilarities between the immigrants and their Americanized children. The episode “Parents” of Master of None brilliantly highlights the major differences such as environment, parenting, and respect between immigrant parents and their first generation kids who grow up in America. By showcasing such differences, first generation children watching can

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