The Effects Of Incarceration Of Parents On Children

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The youth in the United States are at a high risk due to parents being the number one highest rate of incarcerated people in the world. Incarceration of parents is a beneficial research topic because children and adolescents perceive going to prison is a pleasant place, but caregivers explain to children that bad people that do terrible things go to prison. Kids are under a tremendous pressure from the social stigma which makes them feel they will end up like their parents. This topic has keened an interest because children of incarcerated parents are going through a tough time when parents are absent from their lives and do not have people around to lean upon when they are facing problems that are internally or externally. I am trying to learn the effects, perception, knowledge, trauma, and emotion of children which face problems to facilitate a positive or negative outcome to having incarcerated parents. I want to help readers understand the reasons that children from minority families believe they will turn out to be criminals like their parents because society has deemed their minds to think internally and externally which caused major stress to their behaviors. Parent arrested in the presence of children are greatly affected and traumatize. According to Johnson and Easterling (2015) “children encounter stress at various junctures, and there is evidence that many children are first exposed to the stressors of having a parent involved with the criminal justice system
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