The Effects Of Internet Addiction Disorder And Technological Tools

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The Effects of Internet Addiction Disorder and Technological Tools.
Problematic Internet Use
The issue of Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD) has become a topic of discussion for the newer generations exposed to technological tools (smartphones, tablets etc.). Considering the effectiveness of computer mediated communication (CMC) compared to the traditional face-to-face, there is a larger chance to become addicted to the internet since technological tools have been developed to be conveniently accessible. Using technological tools as a mediator, it can be possible that individuals prefer CMC due to the three main components that it offers: anonymity, asynchronicity, and accessibility (Valkenburg & Peter, 2011). With this being said, it can …show more content…

The wide range of tools offered by different social networking sites can factor into the frequent use of technological tools and the internet. Using Facebook as an example, it can be fairly easy to control the information and media posted onto a user’s profile. Burke & Ruppel (2015) suggest that for the most part, people have the ability to control the information and pictures they post on Facebook (in addition to controlling the dissemination of others’ information about them, such as by deleting wall posts or removing tags that identify them in others’ pictures), giving them the tools to convey a desired impression to others. Being able to control and avoid certain insecurities on their online profile is what makes sites like Facebook display a social medium between text and media posted while conducting research.
Communication effectiveness overall in Computer mediated friendships

Taking in consideration the amount of time spent on the internet actively engaging with others, it is more than likely that friendship development online will become a common preference amongst adolescences in the foundation of establishing and maintaining relationships. Overall, CMC has effected the way we communicate with others online. Unlike face-to-face communication, it is easier to enhance the controllability of self-presentation and self-disclosure in

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