The Effects Of Maternal Postpartum Depression On The Language Development Of Children Essay

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In the article “The impact of maternal postpartum depression on the language development of children at 12 months”, the authors, Quevedo, Silva, Godoy, Jansen, Matos, Tavares Pinheiro and Pinheiro, studied the relationship between some factors related to maternal depression during the first year of a child’s life and the child’s language development process (Quevedo et al.,2011). They hypothesized that a child whose mother presented maternal depression would have a lower performance than a child whose mother presented only a brief depression or no maternal depression (Quevedo et al.,2011). The researchers conducted the research on 296 mother-child dyads (Quevedo et al.,2011). This was a longitudinal study where different methods were used to perform this research (Quevedo et al.,2011). First, they used a diagnostic interview postpartum and 12 months after giving birth to evaluate if mothers were depressed. Then, they assessed the children using a language scale of the Bayley Scales of Infant Development III (Bayley 2006; Quevedo et al.,2011). Finally, mothers filled out a questionnaire about their socio-economic status, delivery and the health of the baby (Quevedo et al.,2011). The questionnaire evaluated whether the baby was premature or not and the baby’s caretaker (Quevedo et al.,2011). The results indicate that the duration of postpartum depression affected negatively the language development of the child (Quevedo et al.,2011). Also, it was found that maternal age,

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