The Effects Of Media Violence On Society

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The modern Australia is constantly exposed to media, and media has made the communication of violence more reachable and easier than ever before. Violence is especially an issue that needs to be looked upon, as many, especially the younger generation, view violence in film, computer games or even news reporting’s and this creates them into believing that violence in okay. A recent 2015 study however, identified an association between exposure to violence in entertainment and violent behaviour, which does not prove that exposure causes violent behaviour. Newspaper headlines and news reports are stating that media violence is making the world out to be an unsafe place, but is the media all to blame for this? Why do they decide to contribute violence? Industries use media through technology as it’s apart of our everyday lives, and as a result, opening up people to be influenced by what they see on it. The use of internet sources, including a YouTube video of a press release proved to be beneficial during this investigation in discovering why violence is portrayed in the media and how the public are responding to this (Australian Institute of Criminology, 2015).
Violence is often poorly represented within the media, as many assume that it causes a negative impact on people, especially the young ones. In some cases, this is correct, with research showing connections between viewing violence on screen causing aggressive behavioural problems later on in life (Psychiatric Times,

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