The Effects Of Noxious Weeds On Rangeland

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The Effects of Noxious Weeds on Rangeland

Seth Robbins

Noxious weeds can be very harmful to all aspect of rangeland. They can outcompete native grasses and forbs causing a loss of forage to livestock and wildlife. A large number of noxious weeds have been purposely introduced to the United States for purposes such as food, forage, fiber and decorative ground cover. Programs have been created to help with the invasion of weeds. It’s taken lots of time and resources to get programs started up to be able to combat the effect of noxious weeds.

Noxious weeds have an adverse effect on the rangeland, if left unchecked they could overwhelm and destroy all of the native grasses. A large amount of the noxious weeds that are causing issues today in rangeland and public lands. Were at one time introduced for other purposes to either rangeland or non-rangeland areas. These noxious weeds are costing large amount of money to combat their invasion onto rangeland, public, and private lands. Weeds are able to take over developing areas because of the removal of native grasses or forbs and then leaving bare soil exposed. Many weeds thrive when bare soil is present and after they have gotten their hold on the area it’s very difficult to remove them form it completely. Invasive species have been brought into the United States, some on purpose to help fill a needed use and then latter getting out of control and creating a mess of what they have done to waterways,
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