The Effects Of Plastic Pollution In No Impact Man By Colin Beavan

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In the novel “No Impact Man” by Colin Beavan, Beavan takes a deep look into how people have destroyed the ocean and marine life from all the pollution that we put into the ocean. Pollution in the ocean is a pretty big topic that Beaven covers, but more specifically he focuses on the effects of plastic pollution on the ocean. Approximately 13,000-15,000 pieces of plastic are dumped into the ocean every day worldwide, causing the ocean and marine life to suffer on a daily basis, we need to change this statistic by limiting the use of plastic in our everyday lives (“Plastic Statistics”, 2015). We throw out so much plastic on a daily basis without thinking about what effect it might have on our planet and on us. It is time that we are aware that our constant plastic use has a negative effect on marine life, and it is time that we change our bad plastic habit. Plastic comes in many different forms wether it is plastic bags, straw, Starbucks cups, etc we use plastic in our everyday lives. We are constantly surrounded by plastic. The problem with the constant use of plastic is how we abuse it, and we do not even realize how harmful plastic is. We abuse our plastic consumption so much that 50 percent of the plastic we use, we use just once and then we throw it away in the garbage can, not the recycling bin (“22 Facts About Plastic Pollution”, 2017). We do not even consider where the plastic we throw away goes or what happens to it. People do not even realize that most of the

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